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Study Abroad

Study Abroad could be nerve-racking yet a pleasurable experience. Choose wisely and choose right! Collaborate and celebrate with Academy Visa and pave the way to a life where there is no looking back!

Studying abroad has its perks and risks, but with Academy Visa on board, one can sail the ship smoothly!

Academy Visa caters to an umbrella of study programs from Masters, Bachelors programs to Diploma, Post-Graduate Certificate, College Certificate and Transfer programs.

Information Call – Free

Consultation Meeting (1 Hour) – 5000 PKR per sessions

Facilitation of Application – 5000 PKR

Processing Fee – 3000 PKR

International School Search Assistance – Free

Scholarships & Bursaries Search Assistance – Free

University/College Application Assistance - 1000 PKR

Appeal Assistance- 2000 PKR

Assessments – 5000 PKR base + other fees

Additional Services – 10000 PKR

File Ongoing rate per hour – 100 PKR

Language Learning:

Welcome to the IELTS & TOEFL School of Academy Visa!

Academy Visa is the most successful IELTS & TOEFL Preparation Course in Pakistan, with over 100 students scoring 7.0 or above in 2019 alone. This is a great achievement, and I would like to say "thanks" to our hard-working students, faculty, and staff. If you are ready to study hard, under the guidance of dedicated IELTS & TOEFL instructors, you can join our courses and become our next IELTS & TOEFL success story We look forward to working closely with you.

Information Call  – Free

Consultation Meeting – 2500 PKR 

Initial Assessment – 2500 PKR

Private Tuition at Home – 10000 PKR

Learn in 1 on 1 in Person – 2500 PKR 

Learn in Group in Person – 1500 PKR 

Learn Online – 1000 PKR 

Children Private Tuition – 5000 PKR

Children’s Group Class – 1000 PKR per student

Language Camp – 15000 PKR per student

Exam Preparation – 5000 PKR 

Additional Services – 5000 PKR

Professional Development:

As a company strongly committed to professional development, Academy Visa provides all professionals with numerous career development and training opportunities. We believe each person is in control of his or her own career, and we strive to offer employees an environment conducive to their professional fulfillment.

The professional development activities we offer individuals take into account the challenges associated with their positions, the projects underway and their career goals. As such, professional development can come in many different forms:

  • Traditional training provided by specialized organizations or experts within our group

  • In-house coaching or skill development

  • Hands-on learning, where a person is assigned to a project in order to develop specific skills

Academy Visa believes that experience gained in the field is the most effective channel for learning and skill development. We are committed to the growth and development of all professionals in Pakistan.

Information Call (15 Mins) – Free

Consultation Meeting (1 Hour) – 5000 PKR per sessions

Initial Assessment – 5000 PKR

Career Coaching – 10,000 PKR

Review of Communication Skills – 10,000 PKR

Cross- Cultural Communication – 15,000 PKR

Resume & Cover Letter Review – 15,000 PKR

Job & Internship Strategy – 20,000 PKR

Personal Branding - 30,000 PKR

Business English – 40, 000 PKR

Mental Health while Job Searching – 50,000 PKR

Workshops for individuals & Companies – 70,000 PKR

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