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Robert Thompson


Robert Thompson is the Founder of our Company. He is a lifelong learner and passionate believer in education and training for all. He has spent many years in the education, hospitality fields. From 1998 to 2005, Robert worked at St. De Anza College where he started as Chair, Hospitality and Tourism, then advanced to Dean, Business and Technology and was later promoted to the senior management team as Vice President, Innovation and Business Development. In 2004, Robert was appointed Vice President, Academic reporting to the President.

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Alexandra Brunson


Alexandra is the Co-founder of our Company. She started many companies from 1995 in North America. Alexandra has been involved in the education industry for quite some time. She has participated in assisting Students in the past with leaving their home country and settling down in their adopted country. She has spent time with numerous student organizations that have allowed her to understand student life. She has 17 years of experience in European, Eastern Mediterranean and North American tour operations.

Professional Team for you

Saifur-Rehman (1)

Saifur Rehman

IELTS/TOEFL Trainer & Motivational Speaker

Mr. Saif has a Master degree in English Language & Literature from UBC (University of British Colombia). He is highly qualified in teaching Ielts, Toefl, Tefl, Tesol and Esl courses. He is also specialized in personal and proffesional development courses. Being a Ielts trainer & motivational speaker he has also entertained and trained many local teachers. He is also been the Executive Head of English department at Eureka Global Education system, Silvertech Consultants and Blue Horizonz Education system.

zaman dogar

Zaman Dogar

Mr. Zaman Dogar is the Creative Manager behind Academy Visa. Zaman implements our content strategies through blogs, social media, and web pages. Prior to joining Academy Visa Zaman was involved with local start-ups in Pakistan where he developed his skills. He is a lifelong learner of Digital Marketing and he is ready to pass that knowledge on to his colleagues.

talha umer

Talha Umer

Project Manager

Mr. Talah is a valuable member of our Management team and possesses impressive skills in communication, business development and sales support! He has a great passion for cricket, which also allowed him to develop a strong and resilient attitude. Prior to discovering his skills for Project Management, he earned his credentials in Information Technology.

Tuba team member at academy -visa


My academic background includes a Bachelor in Language and literature, major in Management from Kabul University. I also hold many Certificates in Psychosocial support programming, Giving and receiving feedback, the four keys to developing self-esteem, Self-awareness: Know yourself, Self-awareness: Managing biases, successfully adapt your message, Evade trick questions at meetings, Risk management, Self-awareness: Emotional intelligence, practice, Effective, listening, excellence, Three routes to good communication, Building Personal Resilience for Humanitarians, Child Safeguarding, Immunization, Managing, Making a success of your first management role.

Fatima team member at academy-visa

Fatima Muzhar

I have been counselling students for study in UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Italy and Malaysia. Besides this, I was also managing linkages department where I bought many direct universities and groups on panel of Highbrow. My core responsibilities also included leading and guiding my team, conducting their trainings and all other tasks related to managing any department. Meanwhile, I was also conducting 1 IELTS class in the morning and heading IELTS department. 

Helped students who heavily struggled in IELTS especially medical doctors and other prestigious professionals who required higher IELTS scores(7.5 or above) to make them freely aspire for their bright future.

noor aziz

Noor Aziz

Ms. Noor Aziz, a corporate law attorney, is working as the Business Development Advisor at Academy Visa. She has graduated with a Bachelors in Law in the year 2018 and is currently practicing law. In the present role at Academy Visa, she is engaged in strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets, along with enhancing the operation of the business, position and reputation in Pakistan. Other than that, as per her legal expertise, she also provides legal assistance to the Management from all perspectives. Some of the tasks undertaken by her at Academy visa include; • Develop business plans with the assigned accounts • Design and develop strategic development strategies and plans.

Sania Saba Communications Coordinator at

Sania Saba

Communications Coordinator

Mrs. Sania Saba has a BS(CS) degree from the National University of Computer And Emerging Sciences and she is a silver medalist in Boxing and table tennis in National games held in 2020. She possesses excellent verbal and communication skills in English. She has 5 years of teaching and training experience in The Mushroom School, Educators. Mega Plus and FG college. She enjoys socializing, traveling, exploring, and participating in sport activities. Extraordinary written and verbal skills make her best in the field of training and consulting.

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